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Tanuki  Izakaya

Est. 2020

Our Food

We Bring back the traditional grill and fry material with a new barbecue technique to create a feast both to the eyes and tongue. We Focus not only on fresh fish from global waters but also on local, seasonal seafood. And with the match of soup and alcohol, we make sure our customers experience the best Izakaya experience. 

Restaurant Workers

Our Chef

Traveled across China, Japan and New York with the “Top technique award.” Dylan was the former line chef of New York’s top Michelin restaurant ‘Masa’ and ‘Brushstroke & Ichimura.’ He is also the founder and executive chef of ‘Minamoto.’ 


Chef Dylan is now settling down in Seattle and bringing his diverse background and passion into Tanuki. He is combining the quality of high-end gourmet and the simplicity of fusion food culture to create a new form of Izakaya experience.  

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